O'SenseiMorihei Farms is named after Ueshiba Morihei O’Sensei, the founder of Aikido in Japan. The principles of Aikido – remembering all of existence’s inherent origin in love – lay the foundation for the projects tenets: To grow food organically with spirit, respect and gratitude; to work together with conscious intention in serving the greater good and joy; and to remember that our own journey as we care for the earth, plants, and others is the same journey for all

“Budo and farming were a favorite theme of the founder” said Ueshiba Kisshomaru, O’Sensei’s son.  According to Saito Sensei, O’Sensei would work for hours in the fields at Iwama, without stop.

What we do to the earth is what we do to each other and it is literally and energetically in the end what we do to ourselves. Creating a community garden to grow food without a true justification for survival is simply repeating the mistakes of the past that arrived us here in fear, global risk and social lack.  It is no longer acceptable to replicate the panicked past and till the soil until it’s death and move on.  Why should we maintain our health and future if not to, right now, change that future from the direction we mistook in the long ago?

It starts here, now. For the Morihei Farms project, we follow a man who took a chance to stand up for a world life, a human existence worth living for. Following his lead and teachings, the project is patterned after the practices of O’Sensei in form and spirit.